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Telenovela de suprema calidad.


Country: Peru-Venezuela   Year: 2004   Episodes: 100

Production: Venevision, Iguana Producciones

Genre: Romance

Overview: Teeming with lighthearted situations and teen pranks, Stolen Kisses is set in an exclusive arts high school named Ars Viva. One of its newest professors is Alejandro Pomar, a responsible, hardworking young man who takes his teaching job very seriously. However, at this school he is faced with an unexpected problem: a classroom full of unruly teenage girls whose principal interest is singing and dancing, not learning. And leading the group is Paloma Belacochea, the girl who will become his worst nightmare... and his greatest love...

Rating:  7.88      Your comments | Other comments


Juan Carlos Garcia
  .......... Professor Alejandro Pomar
Stephanie Cayo
  .......... Paloma Belacochea
Veronica Schneider
  .......... Fernanda
Julian Legaspi
  .......... Samuel Lang
Paola Marijuan
  .......... Natalia
Gustavo Mayer
Tatiana Alcantara
  .......... Sandra
Kathy Salazar
  .......... Katia
Alessandra Denegri
  .......... Rosie
Janice Madueno
  .......... Diana
Daniela Gamez
  .......... Cris
Melisa Valencia
  .......... Tati
Laszlo Kovacs
  .......... Hector
Juan Carlos Salazar
Claudia Berninzon
  .......... Charito
Karen Dejo
  .......... Ana
Marcelo Oxenford
  .......... Jerry Watson
Emilia Drago
  .......... Mica
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Telenovela completa en 30 dvds(HQ)

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